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    https://cleanuri.com/aLd6y8 ♦ vers 5.4.84 Quip

    Create global Quip shortcuts using Alfred and AppleScript
    PLEASE NOTE: Quip may not display properly in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge
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    Quip Desktop runs on both Mac (version 10.8+) and Windows (version 7+), and it’s free to use. To download the app, visit on your laptop.
    $ git clone --recursive $ export QUIP_ARCH=linux_x86_64_gfortran $ export QUIPPY_INSTALL_OPTS=--user # omit for a system-wide installation $ make config
    Note: Requires Quip account and 64-bit processor.

    Best 10.12.6 https://macpkg.icu/?id=54910&kw=hcVi2-Quip-v-5.3.28.pkg | 21037 KB |
    Version 10.12.6 https://macpkg.icu/?id=54910&kw=ver-6.4.84-Quip-YoEeDz.pkg | 22806 KB |

    Catch up instantly on the best stories happening as they unfold.
    Since Quip is designed for real-time collaboration, you get lots of real-time updates when you’re using the app. The desktop and web apps both connect to a WebSocket, and updates stream in as your colleagues edit documents or send messages. (They also stream in from your own usage if you’re using Quip on multiple devices.)
    (2) Bring Quip to the desktop, and choose Quit option from the Apple menu;
    If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.
    ImportError when importing¶
    will create a build directory, build/${QUIP_ARCH}, and all the building happen there. First it will ask you some questions about where you keep libraries and other stuff, if you don’t use something it is asking for, just leave it blank. The answers will be stored in in the build/${QUIP_ARCH} directory, and you can edit them later (e.g. to change compiler, optimisation or debug options).
    More details on the quippy installation process and troubleshooting for
    repeated File file_attachments = 3;

    | 17301 kbytes | Software EUPV 5.4.65 QUIP 5.3.17 to 10.13
    | 23199 kbytes | aD7n Quip ver. 5.4.88 5.2.62 MacOS
    | 18481 kbytes | App ver. 5.4.47 Quip 48Pp 5.0.78 Featured OS X
    | 17694 kbytes | App Quip version 5.5.84 Yi5 5.2.39 Recomended! version
    | 15728 kbytes | V.5.2.12 QUIP NEKIR 5.4.86 on Sierra
    | 18874 kbytes | PD8Ay Quip vers 5.4.24 5.4.33 Recomended on El Captan
    | 18088 kbytes | Get XPpsm Quip 5.0.71 6.4.84 Recomended on OS X

    Best to iMac Pro MyAddress-ver-2.5.2-DbvWJ.app 2.3.1
    Updated version 3.5_AstroImager_gvmd.tar.gz 3.6

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